Quick Facts:


        French self-taught artist, I am both science teacher and professional artist.


 To learn more about my world:



   I have no limit to the variety of my artistic experiences: what is the next!


   I am happy to share these works with you.


Nice find:



    The encounter with these modes of expression was the result of a long maturation.


   Until my meeting with the oil painting, I never managed to combine black and white drawing with colors harmoniously; or the pencil had the upper hand, or it was the colors.


   In the tables at the oil painting, each of the two techniques are complementary and potentiate one another: what happiness!


   The visual artists activities are new approaches and ambiguous images inspired.


Artistic career:

Participation at the summer exhibition of Art Gallery Present Quick Facts
Artistic career:
Participation at the summer exhibition of Art present Gallery 
on rue Quincampoix in Paris.
Audience Award Mantevillois of Arts Autumn 2012 exhibition.
Special Jury Prize of the Arts exhibition Mantevillois spring 2013.
Exposed several times to the gallery pyramids Port Marly.
A three-month exhibition with Nausicaa association.
Participation in exhibitions Gargenville, Issou and Dammartin-en-serve.
An exhibition of three months at the Medicis Fountain in Mantes la Ville.
Member of the board of directors of Arts Mantevillois.
Price by General advisor of Val d'Oise in Bray-et-Lu. September 2015
Price of sculptur by Françoise Descamps-Crosnier députée des Yvelines
november 2015